Rihanna for River Island show

Celebrity collaborations in the world of fashion are nothing new. But what is remarkable about River Island's new collection at London fashion week, created by the pop star Rihanna.

The excitement surrounding Rihanna's collection for River Island has been building for so long now that there was a real possibility that the reality wouldn't live up to the hype. We should have known she wouldn't disappoint.

Her London Fashion Week debut was more of a party than a show - the bass heavy soundtrack had Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn dancingfront row throughout. And there was no catwalk - instead, stacked boxes that the models strode up and through.

Rihanna about the collection:

My style is definitely inspired by my mood. This collection will definitely have a range of different themes, different attitudes – because I’m assuming my fans will be the same way.The collection is casual, it’s chic, it’s flirty. I wanted all types of girls to really want to wear this and feel comfortable in it – but still feel edgy.

She told that her favourite pieces were the black cotton and silk skirt with jumper ties as she wanted 'to design for all body shapes and when women have a fat day and want to hide bits of their bodies'. The full-length jumpsuit has also made it into her wardrobe as she 'wears it to dinner when she's not feeling comfortable for skin tight'.

The sweatshirt pieces were designed with travel in mind and for 'fat days'. And she designed the black and white shorts to cover the top of her legs because 'she has cellulite too like everyone else'.

Rihanna claimed in a pre-show promotional video that her collection was "casual", "chic" and "flirty". "Very simple and not too sexy"

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